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Senior Applications Developer / Web Developer

Dovel Technologies

USDA FPAC RMA Crop Insurance Software Delivery program.

November 2021 - Present

Senior Applications Developer / Web Developer

Digital Simplistics

Developed and maintained desktop Pharmacy Software using Visual Studio .NET
Created and maintained Long Term Care Web Software using Visual Studio .NET
Constructed and maintained Tables, Indexes, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Embedded .NET code SQL Server up to version 2019
Designed and maintained approximately four hundred custom Pharmacy Labels using Visual Studio .NET and Crystal Reports
Engineered and maintained all the Pharmacy Reports such as Rx Financials, RPMS Financials, RPMS Financials, and Rx Audit Trail totaling approximately three hundred different reports, using Visual Studio .NET and Crystal Reports
Developed and maintained all the Long-Term Care reports including EMAR, MAR, Physician orders, and Rx history approximately two hundred unique reports using Visual Studio .NET and Crystal Reports
Built and maintained custom billing software for twenty unique billing programs that created files to be loaded into Peach Tree software such as, Long Term Care Billing, LDM Rebates Billing, eFaxing Billing, and Text Message Billing
DevExpress development of Interactive reporting, custom charting, and interactive form skinning using DevExpress .NET add in

August 2011 - June 2021

Senior Web Developer


Created complete websites, enabling companies to gain an online presence, including but not limited to website redesigns, maintenance, and additions to current websites
Managed the creation of everything from small websites to major database driven sites for larger companies
Used Visual Studio 2005 for building websites in VB.NET and C#.NET that connected to a SQL 2005 Server
Provided complete SQL, queries and stored procedures and triggers within SQL when needed
Utilized C# projects within Visual Studio to create custom .dll files that .NET websites could call and utilize
Received eKtron and Sitecore CMS Developer Certification, allowing completion of installs of both CMS products and the creation of complete custom websites utilizing the power of the CMS backend system, including all maintenance and upgrades that were released for the CMS systems
Environment: VB.NET, C#.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Visual Source Safe, SQL Server, Stored Procedures, Triggers, eKtron - Sitecore CMS

February 2007 - August 2011

Web Developer

Tanner & Haley

Wrote web-based applications that ran on an intranet
Programmed ASP.NET using Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix
Worked on complete Itinerary intranet program written in ASP.NET connected to a SQL server, while seamlessly interfacing with Crystal Reports to produce the itinerary in a crystal report format on the web, allowing the planning specialist to email the report directly to the customer or produce a PDF document to send them
Wrote a Visual Basic 6.0 application that refreshed crystal reports saving the company forty thousand dollars in licensing fees using HTML, Java, Cascading Style Sheets, and SQL Server 2000 connections
Environment: VB.net, C#.net, C#, ASP.net, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server Database

March 2005 - February 2007

Intranet Web Developer

RiverPoint/Private Resorts

Created web-based applications in ASP.NET using Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix
Prepared a complete Itinerary intranet program written in ASP.NET connect to a SQL server interfacing with Crystal Reports to produce the Itinerary in a Crystal Report format on the web
Environment: ASP.net, VB.net, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports
Converted to full time employee after 90 day contract to hire.

December 2004 - March 2005


Manions International Auction House

Improved business and information systems by studying the problems and needs of the organization to improve computer hardware, application software, files, databases, and team productivity
Constructed and facilitated a Windows 2000 Server Network for fifty-five users housed within Dmark and ran by www.manions.com
Managed, maintained, and enhanced Manion’s Auction Website including all internal programs, while supervising the IT department including both the assistant Network Admin, and assistant Website Developer
Created the entire website in ASP.NET using Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix.
Became certified eBay API Developer leading to full integration from eBay into the companies’ auction system
Environment: Windows Server 2000, Windows XP, Visual Basic 6.0, HTML, ASP 6.0, SQL Server, Visual Interdev 6.0 and Internet Information Server, Exchange Server, Crystal Reports 7.5, 8.0 and 8.5, ASP.net

June 2001 - December 2004



Full-Stack Web Development
Web Development - Programming Track
1. Perfect Attendance
2. Career Ready
3. Program Graduate - Full-Stack Web Developer
July 2021 - October 2021

DeVry University  

Computer Information Systems
Computer Science - Programming Track
1. Worked For Citicorp As A Cobol Programmer
2. Career Ready
3. Bachelors Computer Science
August 1992 - May 1996

Harrisonville Senior High School  

Senior High School Diploma
Required Education Track
1. Won Awards For Speech, Theatre and Debate
2. Graduated A Year Early Than I Should have
3. High School Graduate - State Required Education
August 1981 - May 1985

Technical Skills

Programming Languages & Tools
Solid organizational skills with the ability to multi-task, work under pressure, coordinate multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines under stringent time constraints, efficient and attentive to detail. Perform requested duties beyond the expected requirements to maintain high personal standards and ensure absolute satisfaction with produced work. Maintain a visionary outlook and the ability to see each challenge in the context of the broader scope of the project, while always acting towards that desired end goal.
Experience With
  • Visual Studio
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Frameworks
  • C#
  • Complex Datatypes & Collections
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery jQueryUI
  • SQL MySql SQL Server SSME
  • XML
  • jSON
  • MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • AJAX
  • Web Services
  • Unit Testing
  • React
  • Single Page Applications
  • LINQ
  • SDLC
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Clean Coding SOLID & DRY
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Apart from being a applications developer and web developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I enjoy working on and restoring older cars as a hobby. During the warmer months here in Missouri, I enjoy riding my motorcycle and spending time with my family

I enjoy working in the yard and love to cook as well. I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements in the front-end web development world.

I have recently started a new hobby of model railroading. I find it challenging, it takes patients and good problem solving skills.

Awards & Certifications

  •   Full-Stack Web Developer

    Program Graduate - Full Stack Web Developer

    Awarded:Oct 25, 2021

    Awarded To: William McCarty


  •   Career Ready

    Career Ready - Full Stack Web Developer

    Awarded:Oct 25, 2021

    Awarded To: William McCarty


  •   Perfect Attendance

    Perfect Attendance - Full Stack Web Developer

    Awarded:Oct 25, 2021

    Awarded To: William McCarty


  •   Centriq Student Of The Month 10/2021
  •   eKtron CMS Certified Developer Version 7.3 to 8.0.1
  •   Sitecore CMS .NET Certified Developer Version 6.0 to 6.1